Monday, January 14, 2008

Captain America

I'm not happy with caps head here the placement is wrong, it screws with the flow of energy in the pose making the vault look stiff. At least thats how its looking to me, nutting i can do about it though lord knows I tried.


Stephen said...

Have you ever seen how to draw comics the marvel way? because you've really do a good job with the posing and camnera angles

Deathrace King said...

Thank You very much, working in the the animation industry has helped allot with posing and camera angles but what helped ME in the animation industry was How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way. The sad thing about the whole thing is I didn't discover the book until my early 20's I so wish I had that in my childhood DAMN IT! Too think lessons on drawing comics by Big John Buscema AND Stan Lee.... INCREDIBLE!!!